Infant Chiropractor

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Is it safe for infants to get adjusted?

Yes! Adverse events linked to pediatric chiropractic care are virtually nonexistent, estimated at 1 in 250 million pediatric visits. There is not a single medical procedure safer than that for infants, children and babies. We encourage parents to seek out chiropractors who specialize in taking care of children in their practice. Just like when picking the right baby car seat, picking the right infant chiropractor can make a lifetime of difference in your child’s life and future.

When adjusting a newborn, baby or toddler, a skilled chiropractor will only use the amount of pressure that you would use to comfortably push on your eye. The child gets checked by hand and with technology, then is placed in position (usually in Mommy’s lap), and gentle pressure is applied.

That’s all there is to it. It’s simple, safe, and effective.

Two major studies on chiropractic and infantile colic have shown that over a period of two weeks (usually three visits) 94 percent of babies adjusted by chiropractors showed a successful rating, with 25 percent showing improvement after the first adjustment. Dr. S. Vallone, in a 2007 study, concluded, “Chiropractic adjustments in the early stages of neurologic imprinting appear to safely and effectively address the craniocervical dysfunction and help restore natural, efficient suckling patterns for infants who are unable to successfully latch.”


A Harvard University pathologist, Dr. Abraham Towbin, found evidence of spinal injury common as a result of the birthing process. He also found evidence of spinal injury in many cases of SIDS and infant respiratory conditions.

Did you know that birth trauma often causes neurological dysfunction?

A study by Gutmann examining more than 1,000 infants concluded that approximately 80 percent had some form of nerve dysfunction. This is of utmost importance, since 65 percent of neurological development (brain and nerve system) occurs in a child’s first year.

During this crucial time it is vital that the nerve system be healthy so the child can grow and develop to her potential.

What can nerve dysfunction from birth trauma look like?

trouble breathing
frequent spitting up
difficulty nursing (or impaired sucking/swallowing or head positioning)
balance issues
sleeping difficulty
delayed developmental milestones

Chiropractic care is focused solely on removing nerve dysfunction (which improves brain-body communication) so a new baby can grow, develop, and function at its highest potential. We as humans were born with an innate ability to heal. Our Chiropractors minimize the obstructions to that ability so your infant can grow up and live the full rich life he or she deserves.

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