Attention Chiropractors: Can your practice take 10+ new patients this month?

If you answered yes, its extremely important you keep reading!

My name is Gabe and I’m the co-founder of

I have been involved with chiropractic for over 15+ years in various ways, first as a patient and then as a brand ambassador to finally as a chiropractic new revenue specialist.

This journey has been vital in helping me identify how to generate the maximum patients possible for the least amount of marketing and time investment needed.

One of the biggest mistakes I see chiropractor make when trying to grow their practice is investing far too much time and money in very general advertising.

An example of this is targeting very broad keywords like “best chiropractor city state” (example: “best chiropractor new york”).

The truth is the best patients are far more specific in how they search for a chiropractor.

Here are some examples of keywords high value patients are typing into Google right now to find a chiropractor:

  • car accident chiropractor
  • allergy chiropractor
  • whiplash chiropractor
  • arthritis chiropractor
  • sports injury chiropractor
  • back pain chiropractor
  • nerve pain chiropractor
  • shoulder pain chiropractor
  • physical therapy chiropractor
  • foot pain chiropractor
  • neck pain chiropractor
  • nutrition chiropractor
  • carpal tunnel syndrome chiropractor
  • pain management chiropractor
  • spine injury chiropractor
  • sciatica pain chiropractor
  • tmj chiropractor
  • vertigo chiropractor
  • pediatric chiropractor
  • knee pain chiropractor
  • adhd chiropractor
  • headache chiropractor
  • stress chiropractor
  • cervical pain chiropractor

Notice how these keywords are targeting a very specific condition?

When someone types in “chiropractor in new york” they are most likely still in the research phase and not ready to come in.

However, when someone types in one of the above SPECIFIC keywords, the searcher is most likely days if not hours away from wanting to come in.

On top of that, they have a specific need that makes them almost guaranteed to become multi-month if not multi-year patients.

Even better, these types of leads are EXTREMELY easy to sell to.  All you have to do is convince them that you are an expert and can help them with that specific issue!

So the question is how do you get in front of these leads who are searching for a chiropractor who can help them with a specific issue?

Option 1: you can rework your website, marketing etc to target the 117+ specific high ROI keywords that 10+ years of testing has shown to be the most profitable.

Option 2: you can partner with to be our expect chiropractor in YOUR area for each of the specific issues these keywords represent and let my team do all the marketing while you help the new patients.

As I mentioned earlier, over the 15+ years I have been involved with chiropractors helping them bring in new patients I saw a HUGE need for a website that could connect patients around the US with the best chiropractor for their specific issue as quickly as possible. is the answer to that problem! has specific pages dedicated to EACH of the 117+ specific issues people look for a chiropractor search for.

Our website covers EVERY city in the US that is over 100K in population.

This means that if your practice is in a US city with OVER 100k population people are ALREADY using our website to find the best chiropractor near them.

All you have to do to be THE chiropractor who helps these individuals is 1) fill out the form below, 2) wait for your practice to be approved and when you are approved 3) fund our small monthly advertising investment (which starts at just $17 per month!).

My team usually has your practice live on our site in less then 24 hours which means that in less then 2 days from now all of these high value leads could be calling and emailing YOUR PRACTICE!

It really is that easy!

Chiropractors who use our website routinely see 1,000% or more ROI from partnering with us.

Better yet there is NO contract which means you pay for one month and at the end of the month if you don’t see the value you simply cancel and we remove your practice from our site.

The entire process from filling out the form below to seeing your information live on our website takes less then 10 minutes of your time and less then 2 days to complete.

Our monthly fee starts from the ridiculously low investment of just $17/month.

To see if you qualify to partner with us and become our #1 chiropractor for your area, simply fill out the form below!

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Q: Why is the investment so low? Shouldn’t you be charging 10 times that?

A: Yes we could easily charge 10 times what do BUT to do that we would have to hire a full time sales staff, hire additional support personnel, etc.  With our low investment method, we can keep our team small and pass the savings along to you.  I would rather spend my time working one on one with chiropractors to build their practices.  I created 5StarDC to fill a need in the marketplace.

Q: Why is there no contract?

A: I have always operated under the understanding that chiropractors will invest in me if I bring them additional revenue.  If I’m bringing you new patients every month, you’ll continue to invest in my services.  If we are not a good fit, I want you (and me) to have the freedom to cancel at any time. No contract needed.